• Homeschooling

    Gifts from my kitchen to me

    Two burnt fingers Three chopped nails Dozen blackened scars Two aching feet Some gifts from my kitchen to me Baking powder that always runs out Yeast that never fails to expire Brown Sugar that’s always wet Butter who forgot to be soft More gifts from my kitchen to me Failed cakes Burnt cookies Bitterly bitter chocolate Crystallised ice cream Sigh! Gifts from my kitchen to me Hundred giggles Thousand smiles Tons of messy clothes Forty flour lathered fingers Couple batter smeared cheeks Twinkling eyes Drooling Tongues, altogether adding to Four Happy Children Best gifts from my kitchen to me Thank you dear kitchen for letting us be

  • Thoughts and Quotes,  Toyna

    How much do you love me?

    Have been thinking about calling a friend, but something stops me from dialing the number. I have been the one calling her the last three times, but she never seems to get enough time to┬ácall me. In fact, the last time I caller her, she said she was busy and she will call me back. It has been five days and she hasn’t called back still. Maybe she is no longer interested in me. Maybe I should also stop calling her up too. Does this sound familiar!?! I can’t say about men, but there are a number of women that I know (including me) who go through this trauma in…