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    My Relationship with God

    I do believe in God. I believe in the God who resides inside all of us. I am not really sure if It also resides in Temples, Churches or Gurudawaras. I honestly have never tried to find God in  such designated prayer zones. I feel people running these prayer zones use God as an excuse to make money, accumulate power and kill people. I don’t think it would be an exaggeration to say that that most evil in todays world, actually happens in the name of God. In this context, I am averse to anything that people do in the name of God – like festivals, rituals, sacrifices. I like celebrations,…

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    Control of Life

    For those who believe in God, do you agree that God has already done His part? Isn’t it time we let him focus on other strategic areas and we take control of something as small as our own lives.

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    Story of My Life

    I am working on the presentation for tomorrow, but somehow my mind is not able to concentrate. I open the thick black cover of my phone to check for any missed calls or messages. Nothing there! I chide myself. I just checked my phone status 5 minutes back. If there is any change in status, I will hear it. I don’t need to check again on the same. I should concentrate on the presentation. I need to finish it today. A few minutes later the door bell rings. My blood races causing my heart to jump. Yes! Finally! I rush to the door and open it. “Shilpa Roy?”, the man outside nonchalantly asks.…

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    The Gift of Good Health

    Most days Yogs unlimited energy can be the source of real strain on everyone in the house. Jumping on chairs, climbing on tables, trying to get the TV down or putting his hands between the elevator doors, all these pranks manage to keep everyone on their toes. On extreme days, I wish he would be a little less active, a little more calmer and a lot more disciplined. I guess, my prayers were answered and I was gifted such a day today. Yog contracted a bad stomach infection and he lay in bed barely able to move, dirtying diaper after diaper. There was no jumping around, no broken cups, and absolutely…

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    Being a Woman

    Half the world considers a woman as an object to be used. The other half of the world glorifies womanhood to the status of God. I don’t think we are either. We are just a different form of human specie. We might be responsible for bringing life on this planet, but let’s be honest, we cannot do it on our own. We might be more sensitive to emotions of others, but then we are not as tough when it comes to our exterior. Urban women cook, clean, bring up the children, and go to work; but then so do most urban men these days. The problems of the world today will…