• Toyna

    Mirror to Life

    I come home wanting to share a happy news with my daughter. I ask her to guess what the surprise is. She makes some random guesses, then looks at my face closely and remarks, “You’re happy! That’s the surprise!” There can be no better form of a mirror to look at life than your children’s eyes.

  • Yog

    First Day at School

    At one and a half years of age, Yog started his first school, today. Selecting a school for him was easier than I had expected. Before I started the hunt, I was apprehensive about the outcome; not so sure if I would be able to find the right place for his budding tastes and personality. The memory of Toyna crying all the way, to her first school and clinging to me with dear life, on the way back, seemed all too fresh. When I stepped out yesterday, searching for the right school, I didn’t have too many thoughts in mind. For preparation, I just had a list of 10 schools…