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    We all know that Humans are just another specie in the animal world. It is commonly believed that it is Intellect that differentiate us from animals. I disagree. I have seen many intellectual humans behave worse than animals. What truly differentiates humans from the other animals is the level of spirituality humans are capable of.

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    Errors in Life

      One important thing that I have learnt in my long  ex-career as a Software Tester is that wherever there is a human element involved in any product or service, there will ALWAYS be errors. Humans are responsible for adding the beauty, the emotions, and the intellect to our product and services; but let’s be honest, they also add the errors. When someone walks up to me to tell me, “I am 100% confident there are no errors in my deliverable. Please don’t delay this by another review. ” I can only sigh and tell them that humans were made to be imperfect. It is Ok to be imperfect! I know…