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    What Competition? I have already given up!

    Pavan and I were relaxing on the couch talking about nothing and everything during one of those rare heart to heart conversations. The children were making a loud cacophony in the background and we were struggling to hear each other over the din. I bent close to Pavan and gingerly said, “I think you are up against stiff competition!!” Deep in my heart, I honestly felt that he had already lost to the┬ácompetition but then he is a proud man (rightly so) and I did not want to hurt his male ego by saying that. Pavan┬ámade a low grumbling sound in his throat; looked me straight in the eye and…

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    Doc says, “I have another two years to live!”

    I had been suspecting something wrong with my mind since a long time. I just didn’t know it was more physical than I had actually thought. The doctor confirmed my suspicion. I had a tumor in my brain and had probably two more years to go. I laughed and told Pavan, “See, I always told you I had a good reason to be out of my mind most of the times!” I felt no fear. I had no regrets. I had led a fulfilling life. What more could I have possibly wished for? As we drove back home in silence, my mind started chalking out a plan for the coming…

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    Love you Life

    The constant travel, the time away from home, the conflicting time zones, are all a conspiracy of Life to force me to miss you. Makes me wonder how little life knows about this emotion. Dear Life, here is a lesson on this emotion for you. One is only possible of feeling this emotion when something close to the person is taken away from them. For example: I miss walking when I don’t get the chance. Or I would miss Toyna when she gets married. How can I miss Pavan? He is a part of me. He has been for a long time now. Maybe you are still living in those…