• Toyna,  Yog

    The Perfect World

    Three days of utter chaos finally settled into a calm and peaceful evening as Yog recovered from a bad flu. High fever running for three straight days had left the entire home overcast with dull grey clouds. As we returned back from the doctors visit, reassured that Yog was going to be fine soon, the silver lining to the clouds was slowly becoming wider. As Yogs Grandfather navigated the busy roads of Hyderabad during the peak evening office hours, Yog, Toyna and me settled down comfortably on the back seat of the car. The long drive, the weakness from the illness and the soft music made sure that Yog soon…

  • Thoughts and Quotes

    Shit in Life

    Some days, life throws shit at us and we let that shit stink our clothes, our body and our souls. And then there are days when life throws shit at us, we neatly catch the shit, make organic dung cakes, package them and sell them at 100% profitability to those whom life has not gifted as much shit. Given these two scenarios, can we blame life in any way?