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    Swachh Jeevan – 5 Rules of Handling Shit in Life

    For months now, I have been paying attention to how shit works. (One tends to do that, when one receives a lot of it in a short span of time) After careful observation and analysis. I have created these Rules/Reminders to better manage the shit coming my way. Rule No 1 – All normal, healthy humans carry shit in their gut most part of the day and night. So if you are feeling full of shit,  you have reason to celebrate! After all, it is a sign that your are perfectly healthy. Rule No 2 – Shit has to come out sooner or later – No one can store shit…

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    Quest for Perfection

    The world today is full of bright children who excel in everything that they do – academic, extracurricular or home. I regularly see posts of proud parents sharing their children’s achievements online. I feel happy for these families, who have a lot of accomplishments to pride on. When it comes to our house hold, I am happy to say that I have very simple things to our credit. The biggest achievement that I can boast about is that my children are happy and healthy! Touch Wood! I take pride in their love for each other, their sense of freedom and love for life. Honestly speaking, there is nothing more I…

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    It is OK

    It is never the environment that causes the stress. It is the realisation that you are incapable of handling the environment that causes the stress. I wish I could just close my eyes, take a deep breath and calm down. On some days, it’s OK to be late to work. It is OK to make a quick meal in place of an elaborate one. It is OK to just stop in the middle of the chaos and find the sense. It is OK to just say to yourself, “It is OK!” Life is still good.