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    Mystery of a Mothers Heart

    Any middle class household, which has witnessed a new baby in their house recently, will relate to the extent of transformation a house undergoes to make room for the tiny soul. Diapers, wipes, towels, sheets, cradle, crib, feeding chair, stroller, bathing chair, bottles, etc. are strewn across the whole house. Every piece of furniture is scrutinized and measured on a strict scale of child safety. Based on security ratings, furniture which has otherwise belonged in the house for decades is often unceremoniously dumped to make room for the little crawling being. Each visit to the market, is often focused on what new items can be purchased to make the little…

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    There are two challenges I continuously encounter when taking Yog out for his daily walks. One, he loves automobiles irrespective of the fact whether they are stationary or moving. If he sees a car coming towards him, in place of moving away from it, he will try and run towards it. Even a split second distraction on my part can have him hugging the moving automobile in no time. Two, we have explored almost all nooks and corners of the road in our neighborhood so Yog is itching to go some place new each day. I don’t yet have the courage to take him to busier, unknown streets so he…

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    Unadulterated Adulation

    Sometimes the Love that you have nurtured and held dear for a long time, has the capability to strangle you completely, till you are gasping for breath. Going through that phase with Yog. His attention for me, and demands of attention from me, are leaving me completely perplexed. When I am at home, the only way to get two minutes to talk, eat or even pee seems like a luxury, a gift granted from God itself. On one hand, I love the fact that he adores me so much. On the other, I wish there was a better form of adulation he could figure out.