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    Farewell to the APAC CEO

    As I entered the conference room to join the farewell party of one of our youngest staff, Neelima, an energetic and passionate software tester, I was mentally preparing myself for hearing the Farewell Speech. This was standard protocol and I expected this to be a standard meeting. I had to get home quickly, after this meeting, to attend to Toyna, who was running high fever. Everyone one in the team was happy for Neelima as she started a new phase in her life. She was getting married and moving to new regions. We shared the cake, ice cream and some light hearted jokes. With that we immediately came to the…

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    Working Mother

    I think I can make a generic comment on behalf of working mothers: While others look forward to going back home, after a long day at work, we look forward to going to work after a long winding morning to catch up on our peace of mind. No matter how crazy work is, it will always be more relaxing than the chaos at home.