Tooth Fairy – Part II

Since the last few years, tooth extraction in our house has been synonymous with the Tooth Fairy. It started with giving Toyna something to look forward as a child, in return for the painful extraction. Six to seven extractions later, she is no longer scared, but for some unknown reason, the tradition of the tooth fairy still continues. Since the tooth fairy is somehow supposed to know Toynas wish and grant it, I have to try and get to know Toyna’s wish and pass it on to the fairy for her midnight shopping spree.

One more extraction today, and I casually asked Toyna, “So what do you think the Tooth fairy will give you today as the gift?” She looked straight in my eye and said, “I know Mama, you are the Tooth fairy. Don’t think I am baby now.” I tried to feign innocence and said, “No no, why would I. ….” She cut me short, as we approached a toy shop. She took me inside the shop, selected a toy and said, “You can buy me this toy from the tooth fairy’s side.” As I was about to pay money, she said, “No no, don’t give money. Give my tooth instead. That is what the Tooth fairy takes in return for the gift. ” With that she grinned mischievously as if saying, “I know you have fooled me all these years! “

As we started back for home, she caught the gift in one hand and my hand in the other and exclaimed, “I know there is no Tooth Fairy. But I know that Santa Clause is real and he really loves me a lot. “

I was feeling like a fool all this while . But hearing this, I too broke into a smile and said, “Yes darling, Santa Clause is real.” Until such time, that she believes in Santa, it is indeed real.

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