Five reasons to be thrilled when you are sick

I seem to be down with some kind of viral infection. Don’t know which one it is yet, and honestly doesn’t matter, as long as I know it can cure itself in a day or two. 

Top 5 reasons why I am thrilled that I am sick –

  1. I can prop up my feet onto bed and just sleep for hours together
  2. My mind which seems to be on a constant race nowadays, has completely shut down. 
  3. I am floating mid air, atleast two feet above ground level; my mind drifting between clouds and stars
  4. All family and friends calling and checking on me, pampering me and asking to take care
  5. My daughter seems to be following my directions (for a big change), thinking mom is sick and needs help

It surely is so much fun to be sick! I am thinking I can actually do it more often. The only negative side effect –

  1. I had to make a great amount of effort to lift myself up and write this blog. Wish there was a mind reader, who could read my thoughts of  a blog and publish it for me. 

That makes me think, there is another reason to be thrilled when you are sick. You sometimes get these craziest ideas when you have nothing better to think about. 🙂 

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