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Is Dying Good for Health?

Last night, bedtime story for Yog went in a strange direction. I was telling Yog about his Grandmother, “Bamma” and how much she loved him.

Yog (for the nth time): Why Bamma died?

Mama: Because she was not feeling well.

Yog: Is Dying good for health?

Mama silent for a long time. I had no answer.

Yog: Where did Bamma go?

Mama: Bamma went to stay with God.

Yog: God did not died Bamma?

Mama again silent for a long time. We die and go to God. When we die with God, where do we go?

Till date, Yogs questions have been black and white. Is Apple good for health? Are chocolates bad for health? Is water good for health? Is hitting bad manners? Till now, I have been able to answer most questions without thinking much. But as Yog and me deal with our first encounter of death, Yogs questions are bordering on grey. I honestly don’t have answers to these questions. So, for now, Yog is happy accepting my silent tears as answers.

P.S. – I have received multiple questions on how the children are handling the physical loss. Yog has not cried so far thinking about Bamma. I think, he is more logical and far sighted than I am. He is more capable of handling the dimensions of time and space (or rather lack of them). His questions are not never directed towards life. He is only trying to understand death or more appropriately, what we adults, perceive as death.

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