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    Tomorrow that Starts Today

    Change is the only constant in life. Mankind adapts fastest to change making us the smartest specie on the planet. The biggest technological change of modern times last took place as the First Industrial Revolution that started in 1800s. It changed the way we did things and transformed us from an agrarian society to an industrialized society. With the launch of machines doing jobs like production of textiles, cultivation of crops and transporting goods and people, mankind was freed from performing effort intensive jobs. This provided them opportunities to explore, innovate and achieve new frontiers be it in space, arms race or healthcare. Countries which lead this Revolution are called…

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    Paradox of Life

    A recent lesson I learnt in life – The biggest paradox of life is that in order to make any change happen, we have to first accept life as it is, with all its beauty and its ugliness. We have to accept that some days we will be cheated. Some days we will be hurt. Some days we will cry till our heart breaks. When we have accepted these facts and are at peace with ourselves and with those around us, it is then, that we can hope to start the process of change.