• My Love

    I had to leave your hand

    You nurtured me to grow You were my back bone till I couldn’t keep my head held high As I take the final push to stand on my own I have little choice but to push you away at the same time That is the law of nature It is painful to be independent but it is more painful to pull you down with me

  • Yog

    Mystery of a Mothers Heart

    Any middle class household, which has witnessed a new baby in their house recently, will relate to the extent of transformation a house undergoes to make room for the tiny soul. Diapers, wipes, towels, sheets, cradle, crib, feeding chair, stroller, bathing chair, bottles, etc. are strewn across the whole house. Every piece of furniture is scrutinized and measured on a strict scale of child safety. Based on security ratings, furniture which has otherwise belonged in the house for decades is often unceremoniously dumped to make room for the little crawling being. Each visit to the market, is often focused on what new items can be purchased to make the little…

  • Toyna,  Yog

    Quest for Perfection

    The world today is full of bright children who excel in everything that they do – academic, extracurricular or home. I regularly see posts of proud parents sharing their children’s achievements online. I feel happy for these families, who have a lot of accomplishments to pride on. When it comes to our house hold, I am happy to say that I have very simple things to our credit. The biggest achievement that I can boast about is that my children are happy and healthy! Touch Wood! I take pride in their love for each other, their sense of freedom and love for life. Honestly speaking, there is nothing more I…

  • Thoughts and Quotes

    Cross the Line

    There comes a time in life when you move on to the other side of the line. At this side of the line, you find yourself as the jury of the same contests you once worked so hard to win. You stand in applaud for others, no longer caring if anyone applauds for you. You comfortably hug a book to sleep, no longer waiting or crying for the last warm hug. You have the best of clothes, jewellery, wine that money can buy, but you forget about all of them while celebrating.Life surely is simple yet beautiful at this side of the line. The best part is that even after…