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    The only thing death takes away is the opportunity to add value by those left alive. If you want to add value to someone’s life, do it today, before death meets either of you.  

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    Essence of Life is Life Itself

    The most important thing about life is “life” itself. When life goes out of the system, there is nothing left. Unfortunately, most people, including me, forget this basic principle and tend to give importance to a lot of ancillary things like food, clothes, and relationships. In the process of gathering these ancillary distractions we forget this basic essence of life. Over the years, I have heard these words from a number of Gurus and spiritual books . Till some days ago, I believed that I understood these words. However, the true meaning of these words hit me a few days back when I lost my second mother, “Amma” to an…

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    It is so easy to be critical of others, if you have never been in their shoes yourself Try switching shoes sometimes, you will know how tall you actually stand

  • Yog

    Five Whys

    Five Whys is a common management tool used for identifying root causes to a problem. It is all about asking “Why” repeatedly till you come to the real root of the problem. Five Whys is also Yogs favorite technique to understand the world around him. This is how most of our conversations, these days, go: Yog: Why do I have to wear a sweater today? Mama: Because it is cold outside. Yog: Why is it cold? Mama: Because it is winter season. Yog: Why is it winter season? Mama: Because the earth has tilted away from the sun. Yog: Why did the earth tilt away from the Sun? Mama (thinking…

  • Toyna

    Back to Basics

    Being a mother is serious responsibility; one that most mothers (including me) often take a little too seriously. Mothers like me define the primary goal of Motherhood as, “Bringing up healthy and successful individuals”. Given this goal, it is pretty much impossible to measure the success rate of Motherhood. This is because there are many definitions for “Healthy” and even more definitions for “Successful”.  At the start of Motherhood, when our children our barely able to hold their head by themselves, our goals for Motherhood are sky rocketing. I remember, I started with a goal of “Class Topper” when my daughter joined Nursery. Even though she did not top the…

  • Toyna

    Mirror to Life

    I come home wanting to share a happy news with my daughter. I ask her to guess what the surprise is. She makes some random guesses, then looks at my face closely and remarks, “You’re happy! That’s the surprise!” There can be no better form of a mirror to look at life than your children’s eyes.

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    Conversation with Life

    If Life was an exam, what would it really measure: Money and Power, or Love and Pleasure? Would it count the promotion letters or my children’s smiles? Would it worry about the school projects or the tiny hands that went to grind? Would it really pass me forward or would it fail me behind?   I muse these thoughts for no reason or rhyme I laugh at life for trying to make me whine Ha ha! I say, “You cannot be an exam for sure! For I have nowhere to go if I score” “And nothing to lose if I don’t shore” I stand here today just wanting to know more…

  • Toyna,  Yog

    The Master Key

    I hereby make a prophecy that 20 years from now, Yog will become some form of automobile engineer. While a car mechanic is also an automobile engineer, like any other starry eyes mother, I think he will be somewhere in the likes of Dilip Chaabria or working with the ISRO on the creating the shuttle to reach the black hole near Saturn. This prophecy is based on a simple fact that ever since Yog was able to focus his two eyes together, he is just obsessed with engines, cycles, bikes, cars, tractors, trucks and aeroplanes. For someone like me, who just not into automobiles of any kind, this is really…