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    Rape 101: Conversations on Rape with Teenage Daughter

    Rape is in the air! Sad but true! The only good thing about Rape being in the air is that everyone is talking about it. Unlike multiple generations till now, it is not being silently brushed under the carpet or hidden inside dirty laundry never to be seen or cleaned again. My daughter and I had our first conversation about rape, 4 years ago when the documentary on Nirbhaya was released. These days there are many more – Kathua, Unnao, Surat, Indore. The list seems endless. Each act more horrifying than the other. Each day, as my daughter reads about one more case, her faith in humanity diminishes a little.…

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    Blood Stains on the Floor

    A son is born, the family rejoices There are blood stains on the floor, but the blood ain’t fresh It also does not belong to the boy or his mother As the son grows, he crawls on the red marks, accepting them as a part of his life When he grows up to be a man, he marks his own floor with blood of beautiful angels before he finally gets a son My heart cries, not because I was once a girl child, but because I am human with a heart