What we want – musings from a tired mind

When we are children, we want to grow up! When we grow up, we want to be children! When our children behave like children, we want them to grow up! When our children behave like grown ups we want them to behave like children!!! 

I think we don’t really know what we want. Or rather, more accurately, we know what we want when we don’t have it. If this hypothesis was true, it means that I want something because I don’t have it, not necessarily because I need it or I love it. If we were to analyze each want in that spectrum, would it help us differentiate between what we really need/love vs. what we think we want? 

Like for instance, I am sitting at the airport right now, waiting for my flight. I am awfully sleepy but scared to sleep, lest I miss my flight. I want to sleep,  because I have not slept in 2 nights or I want to sleep because I need to sleep. Yeah I can see that this hypothesis does not seem to work here. Hence the null hypothesis holds true!

It also means that I am not finding the right hypothesis and that my mind is too tired to think logically. Which still means that I need to sleep. 🙂

Either ways, I need to revisit this another time, when sleep is not the foremost thought in the mind.

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