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Matching Intent with Actions at Terrassen Cafe

I don’t endorse places or products quite often. I believe all businesses are trying their best in their area of expertise and it is rare that I associate a personal experience so closely with a Business that I decide to write about them. But then, a few days ago, I chanced upon a small restaurant in the nook of Hyderabad’s most happening place (Banjara Hills) that compelled me to write about it. The place, in itself, was a little difficult to spot as there was no blingy sign outside. We almost turned back without spotting it amidst all the green cover that surrounds it.  But then, I guess it was our lucky day that we decided to try a little harder.

The moment we stepped in, I could feel this place was different. It only had 4-5 small tables, that too, laid outside amidst the green. We choose a corner sit down area which had normal mattresses spread down over the floor. Nothing fancy. Completely like my home would offer. The staff was extremely courteous and joyful. It was only when we received the menu that we realised most of them are deaf. When you reach a place which is creating opportunities for the differently abled, you always feel a tug in your heart. You feel happy to be contributing a little towards their success, and yet, at the same time, you feel, “I wish there was something more I could do.” While we scanned the menu, we further realized the menu was completely Vegan (no animal products, not even Paneer or milk) and to our amazement completely healthy. They have Whole Wheat Pizza on the menu. Who, in their right mind, serves Whole wheat Pizza in a restaurant?? I am Mom. Only Moms do this kind of weird stuff.

Since my husband and I are newly wedded to Keto, we did not try the Pizza but there were multiple options which were completely Keto friendly like the Black Eyed Tofu with Cabbage Salad. Yummmm!! I was amazed at the variety of options right from appetizers to desserts for conscious eaters. I always considered that being Vegan or going Keto meant that you were limited in choices of food. But this tiny restaurant opened my eyes. Dates, Coconut Milk, Carrots, Tofu, Pumpkin, Flax Seeds are some of the ingredients I discovered in the restaurant. The flavours were amazing! The service impeccable! The ambience just like home! What more can you ask more? Oh yes! The price! We paid INR 780 for two soups, two appetizers and one dessert. I know most readers will be shocked. I myself am still under shock. How can places like this exist in the confines of this materialistic world? I still wonder, how can a simple business located right in the heart of the city, create opportunities for differently abled, serve amazing Vegan food and sustain itself for more than three years at such incredible prices!

As I walked out of the Terrassen Café, I looked up to thank God for the sign. The sign which clearly said, “If your intent is right, I will be there with you!” Yes, the team at Terrassen Café is blessed by God and will continue to be so for so many more years to come. I feel privileged to have discovered them in their little corner off Street No 3, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad.

If it was me, I would declare the restaurant a National Heritage site. Must visit for all those who believe in conscious living.

Read more about them at their simple website –

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